About us

The emergence
As a father of a family with three children, it is always a party in our house. (Neighbor) children running around, screaming, joking, snacking all day, helping with chores, probably recognizable for every parent. Wooden toys provide hours of fun in our house. I myself am a big fan of wood because it is durable and lasts a long time. In my opinion, this is the perfect gift, for your own kids or to take to a party. Producing my first wooden puzzle was the start of SuperBlocco in 2020. With an enthusiastic team, we now produce sustainable and educational Cool Animal Puzzles made of wood and are now for sale in Europe and North America.

The brand
SuperBlocco focuses on toddlers, preschoolers and schoolchildren. With our educational puzzles, children practice their fine motor skills, improve eye-hand coordination, train concentration and patience and also increase visual-spatial insight. Our open-ended puzzles give children the chance to set their own rules and use their imagination to the fullest. With these open-ended puzzles and the added background stories about all the cool animals, we like to stimulate the interaction between parents and children. Primary education also likes to use our puzzles. Working together, thinking creatively and asking for help are important lessons that can be practiced while solving the puzzle.

Sustainability and health are paramount at SuperBlocco. Our puzzles are produced with respect for nature. The puzzle complies with European regulations and therefore also bears the Conformité Européenne marking (CE marking). Also, only FSC-certified wood is used for the Stoere Dieren puzzles. The paint used is of course free of poison and other harmful substances.

As a brand, SuperBlocco wants to contribute to a more beautiful world. We do this by investing part of the turnover directly in charities. In this way we are actively committed to animals and humans. We pay special attention to animals in need. Think of the endangered living environment of numerous animals in all kinds of places in the world. SuperBlocco invests, among other things, in new and innovative techniques to protect animals in places where this is necessary. We also pay special attention to children in poverty. Every child worldwide should have the right to play freely. Unfortunately, this is not yet obvious. SuperBlocco invests in initiatives that give children in poverty the opportunity to really feel like a child for a while.

Collection of Tough Animal Puzzles
It is fascinating to think that 230 million years ago animals already lived on earth, which we can admire in nature to this day. Every animal is different, just like us humans. With our Stoere Dieren Puzzles we want to let all these animals speak to the imagination of children. All animals have a cool story in them and the Cool Animal Puzzles are a great fun introduction to the large animal kingdom. We always combine puzzles with telling stories about the animals. To date, researchers have been able to record more than 1 million animal species. So this is just the beginning of our Tough Animal Puzzles!