It is fascinating to think that animals already walked this earth 230 million years ago, some of which we can still admire in nature today. Every animal is different, just like us humans.

🦁 Cool Animals appeal to the imagination of every child

🐼 All fascinating and fun facts about the cool animals are included in the cool animal puzzles and games

🐻 We give back to the animals through charities we are affiliated with

🐯 The ideal gift at a party

Through our Cool Animals Puzzles, we want all these animals to capture the imagination of children. In fact, all animals have a cool story in them. The Cool Animals Puzzles are a great, fun introduction to the vast animal kingdom!

boost creativity and imagination

Cheerful and educational puzzles

Through our educational Cool Animal Puzzles, children practice fine motor skills, improve eye-hand coordination, train focus and patience and also increase visual spatial awareness. Our open-ended puzzles enable children to set their own rules and fully put their own imaginations to work!


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Safety is paramount

  • 1. Regulations

    We comply with the regulations and hold the necessary certifications for our products.

  • 2. Certified wood

    We care about nature and only use FSC certified wood for our products.

  • 3. Non-toxic paint

    Health comes first for us, so we naturally use non-toxic paint and do not use any other harmful substances.

donate via an order

Care about animals!

Animals need us more than ever. SuperBlocco is very aware of this and that is why we donate to Smart Parks with every order. We live in a time where new technology can help us keep animals safe and that is exactly what non-profit organization Smart Parks does. With your order you therefore directly contribute to the safety of endangered species.

Popular in primary schools

Primary schools also enjoy using our puzzles. Collaboration, creative thinking and asking for help are important lessons that can be practised during puzzling.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Why should I buy a puzzle from you?

Tough animals appeal to the imagination of every child! It is simply the perfect gift for any children's party. Our puzzles also come with fun facts about the animals, so you also learn something from them. With every purchase we make a donation to Smart Parks, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting endangered animals through new technology. Enough reason to buy such a nice Tough Animals puzzle, right?

What is the delivery time after placing an order?

Did you order before 16:00 PM? Then we will send your package the same day! If everything goes well at PostNL, you will receive your package within 1 or 2 working days at the latest. This applies within the Netherlands and Belgium. Other countries may take a little longer, but you will receive a track and trace from us to keep an eye on everything.

What if my shipment is damaged?

We pay close attention to ensure that everything goes out the door nicely. In the unlikely event that something is damaged for any reason, please send us an email and we will solve it for you.

Are all your puzzles made of wood?

Yes that's right! We are a big fan of wood because it lasts a long time and is durable. We produce with respect for nature and naturally use FSC-certified wood.

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